Sustainability, because your new home shouldn’t cost the earth

Any new home needs to be built to last, however, it should also ensure it minimises the impact on our environment. It is the collective responsibility of everyone to protect our planet for the benefit of future generations, and Olive Homes are no exception.


Construction both in New Zealand and across the world has a significant impact on the environment, and this is why sustainability in construction should always be at the forefront of every new home builders mind.


At Olive Homes, we recognise the need to ensure our homes and developments play their responsible part in protecting the future of our planet, and this is why we believe ensuring the very fabric of our homes embody a sustainable principle from the outset.


Rather than rely on cost-prohibitive materials or technologies we believe the selection of smarter building materials, the sympathetic design of homes and understanding how a homeowner uses their home can make a large contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of our home building activities, without adding cost – after all, sustainable needs to be practical.


With responsibly sourced materials from some of New Zealand’s leading suppliers why not ask the Olive Homes team for our thoughts on how we can design you a home which is built to last, designed with you in mind and ensures the continued protection of our planet for future generations.


Olive Homes, from imagination to creation.